We support girls' education initiatives in Sub-Saharan-Africa.

Many girls in Sub-Saharan Africa lack equal access to education compared to their counterparts in most parts of the Global North. This disparity primarily stems from mismanaged governments and the persistence of unfair, postcolonial contracts that have plunged a significant portion of the population into poverty.

Additionally, patriarchal structures worldwide contribute to unequal educational opportunities, often resulting in women being confined to household and familial duties.
Inadequate infrastructure further worsens the situation, as long distances to schools pose dangers, particularly for girls.
Thus, gender disparity begins at a young age and persists throughout their lives.

Following numerous trips to Africa and Haiti with various NGOs and extensive insights into the global situation of girls, Toni felt compelled to engage more directly with specific projects and provide flexible financial support.
Consequently, she decided to establish her own organization.

The Toni Garrn Foundation was founded in 2016 to champion girls' education initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa, aiming to empower individuals, their families, and local communities.
How we work - a holistic approach

At Toni Garrn Foundation, our key to success is partnering with community-oriented education and health institutions and working closely with girls, women, and the changemakers within these communities.

Our shared vision is to provide girls with a safe space to learn and grow as equals, and ultimately to empower them to make educated decisions in life.
Education and Training
Our goal is to increase the skill and knowledge levels of girls and women. Therefore, we support schools as well as vocational training centers. Ultimately, the goal is to empower the students and trainees to lead self-determined lives.
Boarding facilities are an integral part of our holistic concept. Boarding houses minimize the often times dangerous and long walks to the school, guarantee a safe place to sleep, learn and provide 3 warm and nourishing meals a day.
Access to healthcare in rural areas, is often scarce. If the compound allows for it, having a health center is a vital addition to the school and the surrounding community, providing access to adequate treatment and consultation.
Schools provide safe havens for girls, where they serve as a community and port for advice and counselling. At school, the girls have access to mentors and a network of teachers and social workers to ensure their physical and mental wellbeing.
Our Projects

The projects and institutions we partner with, focus on investing into education in the most sustainable way. We are currently active in four African countries: Burundi, Ghana, Rwanda, and Uganda.
Abato Foundation - This project meets the needs of the whole community, it comprises a primary school, a new secondary school, an Empowerment Center and a Health Center.
In Ghana we have three partners in the Wioso community to support education and health initiatives. Wioso High School, St. Joseph's School and the Wioso Health Centre.
Village Health Works - VHW transformed the mountain village of Kigutu, into a center of quality, community-driven health care and a teaching and training center.
Plan International - building new centers for early childhood development (ECD) and training community members to become caregivers for small children .

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36 EUR* monthly will help a woman learn a skill.
56 EUR* monthly will cover expenses for school.
672 EUR* yearly will cover living expenses at school.

*This is an average calculation across our projects. Expenses usually include: school fees, school materials, housing, meals, transport, hygiene products. Please note: We don't engage in one-to-one sponsorship; instead, we always support our project partners within their overall project structures.
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