Our Team

Let's work together
"We cannot change the wind,
but we can set the sails differently".

  • Toni Garrn
    Founder & CEO
  • Coralie Nike Baumgaertel
  • Lisa-Mareen Walther
    Project Management
  • Nadine Ebo
    Administration Management
  • Moses Kalanzi
    Project Coordination
    Central Uganda
  • Dennis Oduro Akomeah
    Project Coordination
Board Member:
Niklas Garrn, Yannick Stubbe, Thomas Kr├╝ger
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Be part of this movement by investing in TGF project partners.
Your (long-term) support enables our project partners to achieve successful outcomes.

36 EUR* monthly will help a woman learn a skill.
56 EUR* monthly will cover expenses for school.
672 EUR* yearly will cover living expenses at school.

*This is an average calculation across our projects. Expenses usually include: school fees, school materials, housing, meals, transport, hygiene products. Please note: We don't engage in one-to-one sponsorship; instead, we always support our project partners within their overall project structures.
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