Many girls in Sub-Saharan Africa lack equal access to education and healthcare, compared to their counterparts in most parts of the Global North. This disparity primarily stems from mismanaged governments and the persistence of unfair, postcolonial contracts that have plunged a significant portion of the population into poverty.

Additionally, patriarchal structures worldwide contribute to unequal opportunities, often resulting in women being confined to household and familial duties.
Inadequate infrastructure further worsens the situation, as long distances to schools pose dangers, particularly for girls. Thus, gender disparity begins at a young age and persists throughout their lives. An often absent or weak middle class contributes to a poor economy characterized by job scarcity, compelling a notable portion of the citizens into either unemployment or the informal employment sector.

Only a very few individuals of society manage to break out of this cycle without external financial support. That's why, just like organizations in the global North, those in the global South rely on financial assistance to carry out their vital work for the communities.

Our impact in numbers to date...

  • > 6.333

    ... students gained access to education through our partner schools.
  • > 903

    ...women could ensure safe child births in our maternity clinics.
  • > 54.035

    ...patients successfully have access to medical care.
We're creating strong and long-term partnerships
Sr. Juliet
Headmistress "St. Joseph School" | Domeabra, Ghana
TGF Partner since 2020
"St. Joseph's School in Domeabra is not just a place of learning; it's a beacon of hope for rural communities. Through education and empowerment, it has transformed lives and inspired academic excellence. With support from the Toni Garrn Foundation and other donors, we're not just building a school; we're building a brighter future for generations to come."
Dennis Oduro Akomeah
Project Manager "Alma Mater Education" (AME) | Wioso, Ghana
TGF Partner since 2018

"Ghana has made significant progress in achieving gender parity in education, with girls' enrollment rates steadily increasing at all levels of education. Efforts to eliminate gender disparities in education include the provision of scholarships, the construction of gender-sensitive facilities, and advocacy for girls' education."
Moses Kalanzi
Founder "Abato Foundation" | Mpigi, Uganda
TGF Partner since 2019

"The future of Africa is linked to its education system. The quality of education we provide will determine our future workforce, which will determine our economic growth. Investment in a quality education is an investment into Africa's future. This is what we are doing in our partnership with Toni Garrn Foundation"
Let's dismantle outdated norms that limit the value of girls to marriage and motherhood, embracing their diverse aspirations and potential. It's time to challenge patriarchal ideals and understand the meaning of girls' and women's education on the world.
Toni Garrn,
Founder & CEO "Toni Garrn Foundation"
Toni 2022 in Ghana
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36 EUR* monthly will help a woman learn a skill.
56 EUR* monthly will cover expenses for school.
672 EUR* yearly will cover living expenses at school.

*This is an average calculation across our projects. Expenses usually include: school fees, school materials, housing, meals, transport, hygiene products. Please note: We don't engage in one-to-one sponsorship; instead, we always support our project partners within their overall project structures.
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