We support girls' education initiatives in Africa.

Many girls in Africa do not have the chance to get an education mainly because of poverty, gender, long and often time dangerous distances to school. But for girls, education means empowerment, reduced rates of child marriage and reduced early motherhood, enhanced household income and education of their next generation. Ultimately this means healthier families and healthier societies.

The Toni Garrn Foundation was founded in 2016, to support girls' education initiatives in Africa. The goal is to empower the individual and with them their family and local community.

We do our work through resource mobilization and advocacy. Our partner are local, community-based organizations, often times primary and secondary schools with a capacity to add health care and women empowerment centers.
How we work - a holistic approach

Our key to success is to work closely with the local schools, communities and change makers to provide young women and girls with an infrastructure to support their education and personal development. We have education at our core, however a holistic approach around an education institution is needed to cover all aspects of feeling "safe" to pursue an education.
Education and Training
Increasing the skill and knowledge level of girls and women is our goal, therefore we are supporting schools as well as vocational training centers. Ultimately the goal is to enable the students and trainees to lead a self-determined life.
Boarding facilities are an integral part of our holistic concept. Boarding houses minimize the often times dangerous and long walks to the school, guarantee a safe place to sleep, learn and provide 3 warm and nourishing meals a day.
Access to health care, especially in rural areas is often times scarce. If the compound allows for it, having a health center is a vital addition to the school and the surrounding community to receive adequate treatment and consultation.
Schools provide safe havens for girls, where they serve as a community and port for advice and counselling. At school, the girls have access to mentors and a network of teachers and social workers to ensure their physical and mental wellbeing.

Our Projects

The projects and institutions we partner with, focus on investing into education in the most sustainable way. We are currently active in four African countries: Burundi, Ghana, Rwanda, and Uganda.
Project Updates & News
You can find regular updates on our projects on Instagram or take a look here for the latest activities
March 2021
Recruiting the new year 1 batch in Ghana
Wioso secondary school personel is currently travelling around the countryside to recruit the new year 1 batch. Let's go!
September 2020
Alma Mater - New Kitchen
Construction of the new kitchen is completed. 400 meals can now be prepared for pupils and staff. The new storage room allows for bulk buying, therfore lower unit prices.
February 2021
Abato Foundation - Pearl of Africa secondary school opens its doors
The Abato foundation gets ready to open the new Secondary School - the Pearl of Africa - for 80 ambitious students.
January 2021
Alma Mater - Secondary School opens after COVID closures
190 students in year 2 and 3 are expected to be back to start their school year at Alma Mater in Wioso. Another 80 year 1 students will follow soon.
October 2020
Village Health Works - Kigutu International Academy is open
The Kigutu International Academy is located on the campus of Village Health Works. KIA provides highest standard secondary school education to its students.
Make a donation
Help us create education opportunities for girls in Africa!
38 EUR* will cover a girl's expenses to go to school for one month.
460 EUR* will sponsor a girl with her school and living expenses for one year.
6.000 EUR* will kick off the construction of a new science lab.

*This is an average calculation across our projects. Expenses usually include: school fees, school materials, housing, meals, transport, hygiene products.
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