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We believe in education, we believe in a world with equal access to education, we believe that given a chance, girls will change the world.
  • Toni Garrn
    Founder & CEO
  • Coralie Baumgaertel
  • Niklas Garrn
    Board Member
  • Yannick Stubbe
    Board Member
  • Thomas Krüger
    Board Member
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Interesting Reads Corner
Education never ends. We are continously expanding our knowledge and would like to share some interesting reads with you.
  • Report: "Impact of COVID-19 on Girls in Africa"
    The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated and added yet another layer of vulnerability to girls in the African continent. A report from Plan International and African Child Forum Policy (ACPF).
    Click here to download "Under Siege"
    or more information on this topic, visit UN Women's dedicated web page featuring news, resources and more.
    Click here to go to UN Women
  • Brochure "Mit kolonialen Grüßen…" (only available in German)
    Reports and narratives from stays abroad through the lens of antiracist critique (publication only available in German) by glokal e.V.
    Download or order here
  • Publication: "The Fairy Tale of Equality."
    The publication "The Fairy Tale of Equality" by glokal e.V. brings together ten activists and NGO representatives from the Global South and North in order to illuminate different aspects of NGO structures, school partnerships, volunteering, and solidarity work.
    Download in German or English
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Be part of this movement by investing in TGF project partners.
Your (long-term) support enables our project partners to achieve successful outcomes.

36 EUR* monthly will help a woman learn a skill.
56 EUR* monthly will cover expenses for school.
672 EUR* yearly will cover living expenses at school.

*This is an average calculation across our projects. Expenses usually include: school fees, school materials, housing, meals, transport, hygiene products. Please note: We don't engage in one-to-one sponsorship; instead, we always support our project partners within their overall project structures.
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