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Model and actress Toni Garrn has always had a desire to see girls lifted up and empowered. From age 16, when she first sponsored a girl in Vietnam, to her student-activism days supporting school building in Africa, Toni has always known education is the key in breaking the cycle of poverty. By supporting girls' education, we not only empower the girls, but also their families and communities, lifting up an entire generation. Since 2014, she has been a Global Ambassador for Plan International's Because I am a Girl campaign and in February 2016, furthering her activism and and providing more focus to her work and the projects she supports, Toni established the Toni Garrn Foundation, raising money specifically for projects advocating and advancing the rights of girls and their education. Toni is committed to working towards a world where children, especially girls, can all realize their full potential!

The Toni Garrn Foundation is managed by the Foundation Centre of Plan International and supports mainly Plan projects. "By establishing the foundation, Toni Garrn has created a sustainable basis for her commitment. As a Because I am a Girl ambassador and as a founder, Toni Garrn supports Plan's projects in the long term," says Dr. Werner Bauch, Chairman of the Board of Plan International Germany. Given an equal chance, Toni truly believes girls can and will change the world for the better, and every bit she can raise to effect this change matters.

"Girls throughout the world should be able to make decisions about their own lives. If they have the opportunity to attend school, they become independent and strong. This is why girls are the center of my relief projects."

- Toni Garrn



Education is the key to development and unlocking any young person's full potential and future! Making a monetary donation to these projects ensures a lasting impact to not only the girls' lives, but the lives of their communities, families and all those they meet in their lives.